Project Göwomusic

A website will initially planned as a backup for the private music school Göwomusik implemented. The contents are protected. The design structure is to 01/2015. because it is a no umlaut domain email and communication modules are enabled here, because this will be published with the main domain in the first quarter of 2015. The social networks are integrated.

Klaus Walter Bachmann


Merchandising can do more!

new concept for orffeo® MAKE IT EXACTLY! with the ViGER® Business program.
Sure, merchandising, it is a word with negative connotation become, just after the movie "Spaceballs", but, you still refer to it simply as "Advanced Advertising": The target is reached the bar and nothing else!

USB Stick's our ViGER® own production with private label plus outer packaging, indestructible Silver Labels, Business Cards, Calendars and Mugs with online lottery in the desired corporate identity, in wall at Orffeo Studio Mannheim are the basis for this, but is more just in the today: much BETTER! and Safe!

Another important point is acutely securing your company's name as a brand! The open research and the new made possible online - registration with the German Patent and Trademark Office, at the moment everything is registered and what not rivet nail is hard, sometimes you can quickly sink a lot of money for a legal name dispute here. Once you have finished: in a "successful" enforcement of TTIP also uS trademark applications are compared in European, are you with the registration later than the TTIP it could be very expensive! In orffeo® was a Markenregisrierung, initially implemented with the Nice Classification 41. But further five relevant follow to achieve a real unique selling point also cross-classifications. This is orffeo® safely in the EU. The operator can sit back and be sure that the name is not abused now! The subsequent research, we assume of course.

Due to this success, a new, pop music ensprechende second rail could be established on the market.

orffeo® trademarks protected by DPMA register 2014102512424000WA ownerWolfram Ernst Blank Leitklasse41 representatives: Viger system